OSM, google and yahoo undercover in QGIS

Posted: July 15, 2010 in GIS

Yesterday I’ve discovered “OpenLayers plugin” for QGIS. This is pretty cool thing to have a Google maps and satellite as Yahoo and Openstreetmap as a wms-layer in QGIS. I will show you:

(Just click the image for better resolution)
Now it is much simpler for me to compare FIRMS fire data (yes, from that exclusive archive data access I mentioned in previous post) with landfills locations.
Unfortunately, there is only one example of successful fire detection on the landfill in the Leningrad region (it is on the picture above). In other cases I have to look into Landsat archive. Maybe they will have the images for the days when fire near landfill was detected. Looking forward to download them… yeah… 1Gb per archive.

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