I’m counted

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Amusements
Russia needs everyone slave – it is important to know whom to milk.
Now they can sale the database with some information about me. The inventory-guy was a student from the culinary technical secondary school situated in front of my windows across the street. He provided me with information that it is quite safe to eat at “Dve Palochki” restorations (he is working in one of them), but it is better to abstain from ordering soups: they add an MSG (which cause an addiction and an impotence) in it. Now I know why I liked their spicy soups so much ((( It is good that my visits to these restorations were not frequent.
Despite the youth, the guy has a clear view on the impotence of our government, our people… I told him to learn foreign languages and leave damn country. He answered that Sweden is his goal.  Good choice. Farewell, comrade…

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