Project: notation coventions for QGIS

Posted: January 18, 2011 in GIS, GIS-Lab, Public Activities
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QGIS has a powerful tool to create notation conventions (polygons and polylines) called “new symbology”, but initial stock of symbols (polygons and polylines) is extremely poor. I proposed a project to create a set of notation conventions for QGIS at the last GIS-Lab party. old_Bibigon (who already created notation conventions for exports of OSM to QGIS project) liked the idea and we decided to run this project together.
We are going to create a set of notation conventions which are used for the Russian topographic maps for scales 1:25000, 1:50000 and 1:100000. Of course these symbols could be used not only for topographic maps design. I’ve searched across the web and found this source of notation conventions the most convenient. Over 300 different lines and polygons, and at least several dozens of SVG-markers are about to be created.
Of course there are a lot of obstacles as in any project. Firstly, QGIS does not allow to use more than one library of symbols and there are no instruments for library import/export. Hope that  my request on that matter will not go in vain. For now old_Bibigon designed two python scripts: one for disassembling and another for assembling of the “symbology-ng-style.xml” (defines stiles of symbols for a given user).
Another problem is that QGIS does not allow to use fonts (only SVG markers are allowed) for polygons and polylines design. So a lot of fonts with needed symbols which I have or which can be discovered or shared by someone are completely useless. We have to design all needed symbols as SVG markers. old_Bibigon agreed to take care of this. Seems that I delegated all the dirty work to him 😉

Progress will be reported.

I believe I have to repost this for GIS-Lab…
  1. I believe you should 😉

  2. […] been a while since I’ve updated the status of a notation conventions for QGIS project. Let’s fix it! There is a beta-version of the symbology available. See the […]

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