FIRMS for Detection of Fires at Illegal Dumps

Posted: July 8, 2011 in GIS, researches
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Today I’ve acquired another evidence that FIRMS data can be used for monitoring of fires at illegal dumps. Of course I was sure it is possible and I was able to detect fires occurred at one of the landfills in St. Petersburg, but I had no evidences that fires occurred next to illegal dumps with known [to me] location were indeed fires at illegal dumps, because I do not have an information about dumps age and FIRMS accuracy about 1 km and exceeds common size of dump, which is about couple of dozens or hundreds of meters, so there is no way I could insist that fire points next to illegal dumps were actually fires at illegal dumps.

But I’ve found some good (actually – bad) news today. There is a note about fires at two illegal dumps in Leningrad region. Look what we’ve got:

Despite no points located at the illegal dumps directly they lie within 1 km zone from the borders of dumps and the news show that these fires are actually dump fires. The bad thing is that these fires lasts for a several days, but were detected just one and two times.


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