Living in USA is Bad for Your Health Too

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Art
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I posted about increase of the health risks in Russia recently, but the situation in rest of the world isn’t much better and USA is an example. The richest country of the world actually is the least place I would like to live. The cause is that if you’ll look deeper – it is the same as Russia (and I think in future Russia will be very much alike US), but corruption is legalised (through the lobby institution) and religion de-facto took the upper hand in the temporal power.

Legalised corruption is worse than a regular because it is harder to fight it. If the mighty one do not like the law he pays for the authorities to close their eyes, but when corruption is legalised it is more efficient to pay for changing of the law. Such law changes were paid by oil and gas companies (and Bush administration got some nice revenue) and it is possible for them to avoid laws for air and water protection… And here the story of the “Gasland” documentary starts (cool thematic map on that site by the way).

Have you ever seen the water on fire? Of course you remember about the explosion and the oil spill on the BP’s platform and burning oil on the surface of the sea. But what about the tap water? Scary?

I suggest you watch the “Gasland” documentary and not jus because it is about environmental issues, but because the film itself is great! Especially I loved the moments with cool maps and space imagery. There are plenty of them and they help to understand the scale of the disaster

For now here is the trailer:


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