Raster Extent Modification Using QGIS

Posted: September 2, 2012 in GIS, Spatial data
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UPDATE: you can download Processing script for this task here.

When you need to perform algebraic operations with two or more rasters you often have to ensure that these rasters have the same extent, otherwise the operation either  won’t be allowed (in SAGA for example) or you will get output raster cropped to the overlapping part. With regular (not georeferenced) images you can simply load them in GIMP and increase or decrease canvas for amount of pixels you like. But in case of georeferenced images you will loose spatial reference information.

In QGIS you can change extent of the rasters. Lets examine one of the worst case scenarios. There are two overlapping (one band) rasters A and B. Say, we need to add A values to B values and get the final image to have extent that will contain both images.

Overlapping rasters

We will use QGIS’s Raster calculator plugin. Firstly we need to create an empty georeferenced image with needed extent. Go to Raster -> Miscellaneous -> Build Virtual Raster. Here choose rasters A and B to become a virtual raster (VR) and do not define noData values. Add VR to the TOC.

Now we will create a templates for expanded A and B. In Raster calculator (Raster -> Raster calculator) insert expression: VR@1 * 0, highlight VR raster (by clicking on it) in Raster bands and click on Current layer extent button. Execute expression and save its result – it will be a template for raster A. Copy it to create template for raster B.

Now lets change extent for A. In Raster calculator enter expression:  A@1 this will simply leave A values unchanged. Then click on VR raster in Raster bands to highlight it and click a on Current layer extent button – this will set desired extent of the output raster. Save result as a template for A (overwrite existing file). Do the same for B.

Now you have both A and B with the same extent and can freely perform calculations over them.

  1. Roberto says:

    There is a way to move a raster layer to another position using PyQgis ?

    Thank you for any info about it



  2. […] My post about modification of extent and resolution of rasters drew quite a bit of attention and I decided to make a small New Year’s present to the community and create a QGIS Processing script to automate the process. […]

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