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I posted about increase of the health risks in Russia recently, but the situation in rest of the world isn’t much better and USA is an example. The richest country of the world actually is the least place I would like to live. The cause is that if you’ll look deeper – it is the same as Russia (and I think in future Russia will be very much alike US), but corruption is legalised (through the lobby institution) and religion de-facto took the upper hand in the temporal power.

Legalised corruption is worse than a regular because it is harder to fight it. If the mighty one do not like the law he pays for the authorities to close their eyes, but when corruption is legalised it is more efficient to pay for changing of the law. Such law changes were paid by oil and gas companies (and Bush administration got some nice revenue) and it is possible for them to avoid laws for air and water protection… And here the story of the “Gasland” documentary starts (cool thematic map on that site by the way).

Have you ever seen the water on fire? Of course you remember about the explosion and the oil spill on the BP’s platform and burning oil on the surface of the sea. But what about the tap water? Scary?

I suggest you watch the “Gasland” documentary and not jus because it is about environmental issues, but because the film itself is great! Especially I loved the moments with cool maps and space imagery. There are plenty of them and they help to understand the scale of the disaster

For now here is the trailer:



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Terje Sorgjerd sacrificed his sleep for a week to create this:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

I’m not a fan visual arts like pop-art, modern art, etc. What I like is realism. Not the realism as art division (I can’t stand the most of its examples as I can’t stand cubism), but realistic representation of the objects at the painting: the more object is detailed – the more I like it (even if I know that this object is just imagination of its author).

But the other day a friend of mine send me a link to the site with pictures of the famous representative of the pop-art – Mel Ramos to check out naked chicks… I have to admit, I viewed all the pictures from the gallery. Women’s bodies look very realistic. So I suggest you to take a look   😉

How to get a heart attak at 27?

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Art
That is the first question in my head after the 1st minute of the “When You’re Strange” documentary. The recipe is simple: one just have to drink hard, take LCD and cocaine at least for 54 months (exact terms and results may vary).
Actually, the film is very good and definitely you should see it. And not a censured version as I did.  That is a stupid idea to censor an archived tapes, especially when it is about “The Doors” rock band and its singer – Jim Morrison. Unfortunately uncensored version is very hard to find and in a downloaded file you can find something different to the desired. – Consider yourself warned!
Despite the answer for the first question was simple, the answers for the others remained a mystery to me. Why does Jim Morrison was so wasted during this period of his life? Why does no one was able to help him to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, especially when the profits of the band depended on him? Or may be it is just some kind of poet’s curse – to die prematurely?

It is hard to find some one who is not aware about one of th biggest crime against environment that was done by infamous British Petroleum. They loosing so much money with that oil spill every day that no one of us would be able to gain even in ten honest lives. The stain on the company name is irremovable. But… it’s face is rebrandable! I bet in a three years they will re-brand the enterprise. But some good fellows already did this hard job for BP… for free! Rebranding competition organized by Greenpeace is almost over and I want to put here the works which are on the top of my list.

Here we go:

Best rebranded logo:

That’s it!

Best illustration:

1-st place

2-nd place

Best wildlife:

It’s leading anyway

Best slogan:

1-st place
2-nd place

3-rd place

Best “WTF?!”:

Double hit

But is it satisfying enough? NO! Until the lust BP’s toilet seat will be sold from auction to remediate (if it only would be possible!) destroyed environment, until every last motherfuker director and owner of the company will be drowned in the oil – there won’t be any satisfaction 😡


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So there is one forum’s game called “Associations”. What do you associate word “grass” with? If you are GIS-specialist than association would be “GIS” because of GRASS open-sourced and very powerful GIS, that was originally developed by US military forces and then given to the community when corruption ESRI took the upper hand in US army. But if you are just common jerk then it is possible that your association would be “weed”, isn’t it? Understandable. Actually it was a Russian forum and Russian word “трава” – grass that looks like “травка” – weed (and if you think that I’m talking about marijuana, then you’re wright completely wrong!).

But that was your’s associations, not mine. I associate this word with a “космодром” – space launching site. Why? Because there is one song (“Трава у дома” – Grass Near Home) from 1983 and there are lines about spacers who dreams not about space launching site or deep space, but about grass near their home. By the way it was my first movement inside my mom’s belly in 1983 when she was at the concert and this song played…

I have a strong nostalgia feeling when I hear this song or think about it. It was easy to find a video on YouTube (there are a lot of different videos for song). And I watched a modern version and… there was a comment…

“Great song! POLAND and RUSSIA brothers forever! Grettings from Poland. Fuck politician! Normal people in poland and in russian is OK. POLITICIAN is bad in all world. Politician begin War. Religion and piliticion is very bad because begin war, Example:  JEWISH vs ISLAM this is very stupid conflict. NO POLITICAN and NO RELIGION = NO WAR! sorry, i speak english little…” 

Such words are priceless… And it is difficult to understand this fact when you are too young and too proud of your country. So don’t listen to the fuckers in the TV when they tell you to hate someone from another country or that people from another country hates you. Politicians and priests are lying to take control over you and made you obey their will so they can gain more power and money. Just talk to aliens a bit more.

That was my thoughts on associations and grass… I want to prevent you from get completely bored and let you enjoy the “Трава у дома” song. Say “hello!” to 1983!