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The rally in St. Petersburg was far not as big as in Moscow unfortunately. There were about 3,000 of people but they came and leave constantly, so the actual number of participants might be 6,000 or so.

The problem is that there is no leader amongst the opposition and actually the only thing that they have in common is a wish to get rid of Putin and his gang. Also the opposition (al least that was presented in St. Petersburg) have no stomach. The shouted: “Put Churov on trial!” and only “Putin to resighn!” when it is obvious that Churov is a Putin’s puppet! So Putin is the main criminal and he must be jailed! But I deed shouted: “Put Putin on trial”. I really hope that some day he will pay for all his crimes against Russian people.
Vladimir Putin stole the text of speech from Argentine politician.

As I become aware of, about a year ago the St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Use Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety an airborne monitoring of the environment was launched. A helicopter with the representative of the committee followed the predefined route and took picture of the surface. The maps of the ecological issues were created, the fines were paid, etc.

But after the six month of the successful work the project was closed. The problem was… you won’t believe it – the monitoring was too successful! Some high-ranking bustard in the city administration (obviously he wanted to protect own business of business of his friends) ordered to stop fights. The criminals may sleep well now – thanks to the city administration!

Here (autotranslated to English) you can find statements of the Russian president and its comparison to reality. Seems that google translated that post good enough so I suggest you read it. I will only tease you with this quote (from author, not the president):

According to the suicide statistics, [in Russia] it is 50 times more likely for corruptionist to commit suicide, than to be punished for his crimes.


Several months ego dead NGO “Russian Geographical Society” was possessed by a dreadful evil  (Putin&Co) and animated. Only the Holy Smite would be able to destroy this undead and save the future of the Russian Geography. 
De jure Russian Geographical Society (RGS) is still an “NGO”, but the quotation marks are more important than the letters in this case. Recently they’ve launched the GEOblogs. Pathetic…

I’ve checked it out and found some really stupid shit in some of the posts. Anfortunately I was unable to leave a comment or something – there were no openID at these blogs or even a possibility to register (cause you need an invitation)!

There was a pal of mine among the GEObloggers and I’ve send him an e-mail: asked him about the situation with the EdRo (a nickname for  the major piece of shit) and RGS, his involvement; suggested to demand an openID and to blog about an important stuff, like corruption of the RGS… His reply was quite sincere  and I was unable not to paste the part of it here even if normally I do not share a private correspondence (the background colour and the [brackets] are mine):

“Привет! это же госструктура, вот и боятся они пока открытых блогов и возможности всеобщих комментариев. Пишу там только по случаю знакомства с их редактором. Я уже давно им об openID говорил.
По этой же причине [что РГО на самом деле – госструктура] там не стоит писать о чём-либо важном или плохом, а можно только об чём-то общем и позитивном.
Я далеко не фанат нынешней власти РГО (и уж тем более я не фанат ЕдРа), но любая серьёзная негативная новость на сайте окажется последней для её автора. Да и удалят раньше, чем кто-либо прочитает…”

 The same in English:

Hi! this is the state structure, so for now they fear an open blogs and they fear to let everyone comment posts. I’m able to post there only because I’m the acquaintance of the editor. I’ve  already told them about the openID a long time ago.

For the same reason [that the RGS is not an NGO, but the state structure] you should not to write about something important or negative – only about something general and positive.

I’m far not a fan of the current authority of the RGS (and even more so I’m not a fan of the EdRo), but any important negative news at the site will be the last for its author. And they will delete it sooner than anyone will be able to read it…

The point is that RGS is really the state structure under the “NGO” lable, and no one will let someone to post some important negative news (i.e. the truth) on this site. This is the model of the relationship between government and society in Russia and the model of the freedom of speech: a guy with the bad news – a dead guy.

Mail.Ru is a banch of spammers

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Corruption
Of course this is an open secret, but the spammers of this company continue to hunt me. I thought that was able to get rid of them, when abandoned my account @their.domain several years ago… No, it’s not so simple to escape enterprises nowadays.
A month ago I started to receive a lot of spam, a Russian spam at my gmail account, which is unusual for gmail. And I was sure I didn’t exposed my  gmail account to any suspicious sites at least for a several months.  I decided to check detailed information on these mails. I found that actually this spam was from my account I do not use it since I started to use gmail, but still  keep to collect incoming mail from it. 
As I was sure I didn’t exposed my gmail account for months, I was dead sure that I didn’t exposed my rambler account for years! WTF? The answer was somewhere near, but not too obvious, so it took time to discover the truth. The reason for spam was that Mail.Ru purchased the ICQ! I bet you didn’t get it 😉 Let me explain:
1) the spam-attack started right after that bargain;
2) my ICQ number is connected to my rambler account;
3) Mail.Ru acquired information about my rambler account and started to send spam. 
1,17 – more precise value. Yea, baby! What about to gain some money?! Here you can find a contract conditions. Of course the price is so high for the reason, or a couple of them, but let’s start step by step.
The obvious reason of the price is a number of lands to assess. I can’t even imagine how many of them there are in 83(!!!) subjects of the Russian Federation… and there are additional conditions about some maps, etc. So not every cadastral company will even think for the moment to try to get the job. From this point we are very close to the second reason.
Actually, there are only 2 companies, which are potentially able do get this titanic job done. The first is VISHAGI and the second is FCC “The Land”. Now it is more simple to guess who will hit the jackpot. Chances are 50%/50%, but I bet, FCC “The Land” will take the upper hand. Why? Ok, I have some information from the inside. VISHAGI do not like to play “Sharing is Caring Russian style”, and FCC “The Land” is well known for determination of amounts and targets of  the kickbacks in advance. Nuff said.
This contest is for the only one player and the countless pockets of the bastards from the ROSREESTR. We’ll see if I’m a good seer.
Let’s show to the “servants of the people” that they have to give some respect to the laws and human rights!
Rally’s place:

Originally posted by [info]ervix at Модернизация обещаний. Как «Единая Россия» исполняет свою собственную программу.

Многочисленные оплачиваемые и добровольные сторонники политической партии «Единая Россия», а наипаче ее, простите, высокопоставленные члены любят вальяжно огрызаться на представителей оппозиции, мол, занимаются оппозиционеры сплошным популизмом, аппаратного и управленческого опыта не имеют, зато огульно критикуют. А мы, единороссы, типа с потом и кровью ударно занимаемся модернизацией страны, не покладая рук внедряем инновации, поднимаем страну с колен, в общем, ведем Россию-матушку в общее светлое будущее.

Для того, чтоб с фактами на руках показать патологическую лживость всех агитационных и программно-идеологических документов партии «Единая Россия», рассмотреть, кто на самом деле является популистом (пока не будем тыкать в наглую медвежью харю) и узнать, а что из обещанного жителям России реализовано партией власти, предлагаю вдумчиво изучить Предвыборную программу Политической партии «Единая Россия», утвержденную 20 сентября 2003 года на III съезде всероссийской политической партии «Единство и Отечество» – «Единая Россия».

Как оказалось, найти программу «Единой России» не так просто. Как будто кто-то специально ее прячет подальше, как только выборы состоятся. Однако, будучи уверенным, что судить надо по результатам деятельности, программу косолапых за 2003 год удалось-таки отыскать на сайте Выбор именно 2003 года не случаен – именно тогда, в результате общенациональных парламентских выборов, «официальная» партия власти получила серьезнейшее преимущество в парламенте, которое с тех пор не только не уменьшала, но всячески наращивала. С другой стороны, 7 лет являются хорошим сроком понять, исполнены ли предвыборные обещания или нет. Обманула ли «Единая Россия» ожидания избирателей полностью или только частично. К сожалению, подавляющее большинство своих обещаний партия власти не выполнила. Впрочем, не будем забегать вперед и вернемся в 2003 год.

А началось все очень оптимистично:

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Граждане России, вы согласны оставаться еще несколько лет недалеким электоратом, или готовы спросить у партии власти за исполнения ее обещаний многолетней давности?

Может хватит голосовать за обманщиков?

Прошу поддержать. Пусть как можно больше людей узнают, как единороссы выполняют свои обещания.

Brains of the Russian leaders are so damn fucked that even child is able to notice that. President wants to destroy Utrish (the unique area at the shore of the Black Sea) for his amusement… bastard! 

Will he be able to listen to the children of the region?

I don’t think he is able to hear anything but the call of his own greed and greed of mister Putin.