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Euthanasia Via Islam Insulting

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Religion

It is a well known issue for certain group of people to get a permission get themselves killed. There are a lot of obstacles for euthanasia. And sometimes it is easier to die because of exhaustion after a loss of the process for the death permission.

But recent Islamic madness suddenly provides a “life hack” to get yourself “euthanised” quick (but dirty). All you need are internet access, the Koran  and some fire. Smart ones already got the idea, here is explanation for the rest.

The basic idea is old as the religions existence: if you don’t pray %god’s name% – you must die the most violent way. Nowdays it is [so called] Allah’s turn to punish faithless. So if you are in need of euthanasia and don’t want to wait for the legal permission to die, and for some reasons unable to kill yourself – just burn any book (any that you can grab – but statistically chances are it actually will be the Koran or the Bible), spread the word that you have burned the Koran (post video on YouTube, Vimeo, post pictures in every social network you can register and send all the multimedia with “I hate you letter” to the local Muslim community, etc.). Make Islamic world aware that you don’t belong to it. Ah, and don’t forget to provide your address! Alternatively (if you are paralysed) you may just mention that you don’t like Muhammed too much instead of burning books. This will do too.

Now you can relax and make the last thing you wanted to – your days are numbered! As a bonus if you’ll get extremely lucky, they will even place a bounty on your head! Just try not to laugh too loud at their faces when they will come to kill you – it’s a sin bad manner to laugh at alternatively gifted.

The idea of the militant atheism inspired me.  If in the past religious fellows tried to tell me about some god I just turned away and ignored them. But I decided that these people deserve a chance to witness the power of an atheistic point of view. I think that it is not fare to leave these poor religious people remain in darkness of ignorance.

One of the gods brought two lost souls to me today. Poor fellows were jehovah’s witnesses. They tried to tell me about the god, but instead they had to listen an inconvenient truth about religion… Unfortunately I told them about the evidences of the relation between low intellect quality, poor education and religiosity too early and they became very upset about that, obviously because they were not able to object. And I want to tell you that they were poorly educated indeed – they thought (despite they have to know a lot about the bible) that original bible’s language was Latin… And I wish I knew that rate of mental illness amongst jehovah’s witnesses is 4 times higher than amongst other population before I started to write this post, so I could share this knowledge with them and maybe save their health!

They understood that they won’t be able to recruit me and tried to go away. But I thought to myself: “WTF? Me and other people are being bothered by these witnesses for so many years – no way I will give up so easily! They deserve enlightenment!!!” So I chased them and continued to tell them about Dawkins and about suffering which is caused by religion to believers and atheists, etc. I stopped only when they started to run …

Hope that they were distracted enough and were unable to bother other people with their bullshit at least for today.
So guys, if you will encounter religious fanatics in future – don’t ignore them, but try to convince them to became an atheists. And don’t give up when they will start to run away – chase them! They deserve enlightenment!!!

UPD: the next day I had another conversation with jehovah’s witnesses via entrance door intercom. Seems they have summer worsening or something… I was able to prove them that they are partially responsible for the deforestation (their useless literature need a lot of wood) and that they are actually bothering people. The most precious is that they agreed that god will punish people responsible for deforestation and those who bother other people))) Also they told me that there is an “unsubscribe” option from their sect option. Will see If they’ll fuck around again.

Intellegent design is a bullshit!

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Religion

At first, some citing from the

Сегодня к нам в школу приходил священник. Видимо, на урок православия, детей просвещать. Бедняга не ожидал, что дети будут бегать за ним с криком: “Бафни на стамину!”

A priest came to our school today. Obviously to brain-wash pupils on christianity. Poor gay-pedobear guy didn’t expect that children would run after him, shouting: “Buff my stamina!”

Another worth spreading video on a subject.

A world without religion

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Amusements, Religion

Here you are a nice demotivator.

I believe if we’ll keep the caption and replace the picture with the following one the demotivator will be much deeper…

Richard Dawkins on militant atheism

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Religion
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It is an interesting lecture of my favorite scientist since 2005, when I’ve discovered his book “The Selfish Gene”.

If you liked this lecture, you might be interested in reading “The God Delusion”, which was published 4 years later. They say the Russian translation is not that good (but still it is good enough to my mind), so I suggest to read the original version.
…because of Ramadan, when Muslims can’t eat, drink and have a sex during daylight. Suppose it is not easy time even in Arabic countries. But if  one lives for example in Finland, where the day lasts a heeeeell looooonger… In the beginning of august in Lahti, Finland sunset occurs at approximately 23:00 and dawn at 5:00 – it’s only 6 hours to eat, drink and (if one would feel the might) have a sex, and don’t forget about sleeping – one still have to go to work in the morning. Ramadan will pass easier in a random settlement in Iran – night lasts approximately 11 – 12 hours.

Thanks God, I’m an atheist!

Do you believe Bible in a questions of Jesus life and death as a god? If no – than you are smart one. But is it possible that the Bible describes real life of some good guy named Jesus but in very sick and twisted way? I believe 🙂 it is possible. If you don’t mind some historical insight, than you should enjoy the following essay I found here.

In general it is about money exchange operations on Roman Empire, Jew’s church that had a major profit from it and Ponty Pilat who suddenly found himself in need of money due to involvement in conspiracy against Tiberius and his reforms…

But unfortunately you have to translate it from Russian.